Air Signs of the Zodiac in Astrology

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air signs

air signs

The three air signs have in common the desire for freedom. Whereas the fire signs desire freedom of action, the air signs go more for freedom of expression, thought and movement.

The three signs in all four elements are further categorised as cardinal, fixed and mutable.

The cardinal air sign is Libra. All the cardinal signs initiate, but with Libra the action taken is one that seeks the freedom to live in a balanced harmonious environment.

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The fixed air sign is Aquarius. All the fixed signs seek to fix something in order to preserve it, and the material fixed by Aquarius might be an ideal or some way of thinking that is seen as freedom giving. Unfortunately, with the fixing process the freedom is sometimes lost.

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The mutable air sign is Gemini. The moveable nature of air is here seen in its most basic form, with the desire to move from one thought to another, maybe from one book to another without finishing either.

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