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scorpio moon

scorpio moon

Moon in Scorpio - Personality Traits

A Scorpio Moon suggests that the intensity of your emotional responses can make for a stormy life, bringing complications to areas of life which seem simple to everyone else. You tend to be secretive about your feelings because they are difficult to express in words, and to do so can lead to your being misunderstood and therefore hurt. Even when you do trust someone enough to reveal yourself you still hold something back, and that is part of the power you have over people. Your magnetism is due to there always being more to discover about you, and that which is still to be discovered is hidden within the psyche of the person attracted to you. Maybe that is why you don't reveal it - instinctively you know what the other person is hiding, that he or she is not yet ready to have it revealed, so if you do reveal it you will be misunderstood and hurt.

You demand a close emotional as well as physical involvement with your partner, so you need a partner who can take this without running away. For some with a Scorpio Moon, the attachment demanded is too close and it would help if you could accept this. Everyone needs a private space. We all need a life apart from our closest relationship and if you are too possessive your partner may feel the only way to have a life apart from you is to leave you altogether. Then you will be devastated and angry. Maybe your partner, feeling the loss, will return, only to leave again when life feels too much of a swamp.

The Moon in Scorpio's deep understanding of human nature can lead you to become either a wise counsellor or a subtle manipulator. Your obsession with what lies beneath the surface of life can lead to an interest in depth psychology, metaphysics or the occult. Whatever you do can become an obsession you find it hard to relinquish even when it is doing you harm.

If you are a mother with Moon in Scorpio you have a very close emotional attachment to your child, allowing the child no secrets. Look back to your own childhood - maybe it was the same for you. Try to be aware of the difficulties the child may have when it is old enough to lead a more separate life. Cutting the psychological umbilical cord can be a lifelong process. The child would benefit from having a wise father (and you a wise partner) who understands this and can guide the child towards life apart from you.

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