Fire Signs of the Zodiac in Astrology

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fire signs

fire signs

The three fire signs have in common the desire for freedom. Actually the air signs have this characteristic as well, but whereas the air signs tend to go for freedom of expression, thought and movement, the fire signs go for freedom of action, the power to do as they wish.

The three signs in all four elements are further categorised as cardinal, fixed and mutable.

The cardinal fire sign is Aries. Here, the basic desire of the fire signs is seen in its most raw form, the desire to initiate, to get things going, with the consequent frustration when matters do not go as intended.

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The fixed fire sign is Leo. The common characteristic of fixed signs is to fix things to that they are preserved. Leo expresses its freedom by taking the initiatives that Aries has generated and arranging them to that they continue to be effective, while retaining authority for itself. Thus management is a function often associated with Leo.

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The mutable fire sign is Sagittarius. Here, the freedom of fire is expressed as the desire to expand one's horizons, the means used being religion, philosophy, advanced education and travel.

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