Water Signs of the Zodiac in Astrology

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water signs

water signs

The three water signs have in common the need for security. The earth signs also need security, but whereas they need physical security, the water signs seek emotional security.

The three signs in all four elements are further categorised as cardinal, fixed and mutable.

The cardinal water sign is Cancer. All the cardinal signs initiate, but with Cancer the action taken is one bring about the feeling of security through belonging to a family of some kind, whether a traditional human family or a group of people that can be perceived as a kind of family.

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The fixed water sign is Scorpio. Here, the sense of security is sought, often obsessively, through a search for the deepest layer of a person or a society to which one is attached in some way

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The mutable water sign is Pisces. For Pisces, the forms within which matter or ideas are contained do not offer any ultimate sense of security, a security which is sought more through a sense of the universe as unbounded. This can lead to a sense of unreality in the tangible world, or, more positively, it can infuse the tangible world with a sense of the mystical.

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